Sabine Stahl

Position: Technical Staff Member
Research Area: Geomorphology and Polar Research
Location: FVG M0150
Phone: 0421-218 67161



Practical lab course



since 2000 University of Bremen, Institute of Geography, AG Geopolar

XRF, MS, elemental analyses, continuous-flow-analyses, laser diffractometry, microwave digestion, UV/VIS


1997-2000 University of Bremen, UFT, Soil Science

AAS, UV/VIS, FIAS, IC, elemental analyses


1982-1997 Water Management Office Bremen



1980-1982 TU Clausthal, Anorganic Chemical Institute

anorganic preparative chemistry, AAS, MS, spectrometry


1977-1982 TU Clausthal, Organic Chemical Institute

organic preparative chemistry, IR/UV

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