Dr. Melike Peterson

Position: Scientific Staff Member
Research Area: Urban Geography
Location: GW2 B1080
Phone: 0421 218 67133
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Melike Peterson started as postdoctoral research fellow in Urban Geography at the University of Bremen in September 2019. She gained a PhD in Human Geography from the Department of Geography at the University of Glasgow in April 2019. Her dissertation was titled "Meeting Spaces: Everyday spaces of multicultural encounter in Glasgow".

She successfully completed her Research Master in Human Geography and Planning with distinction at the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands) in June 2015. Between 2009 and 2015, Melike Peterson obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in International Development Studies at Wageningen University (the Netherlands) and Sabanci University (Istanbul, Turkey).

Find me on Twitter @MelikePeterson and on LinkedIn

Current project: bibliothekenundrechtaufstadt.wordpress.com (in German)

Research interests

Urban and social geography; geographies of encounter; identity, multiculturalism and integration; participatory and qualitative research methodologies; libraries

Research projects


Public libraries and people's right to community and knowledge in stressed urban environments (with Prof. Dr. Julia Lossau, University of Bremen)


Meeting Spaces: Everyday spaces of multicultural encounter in Glasgow (with Dr. Kye Askins and Dr. David Featherstone, University of Glasgow)

Living with difference: Exploring semi-formal spaces of encounter (with Dr. Gideon Bolt, Universiteit Utrecht; as part of the EU-project DIVERCITIES - Governing Urban Diversity)



Meeting Spaces: Everyday spaces of multicultural encounter in Glasgow (2019) PhD thesis, University of Glasgow

Journal articles

Objects in focus groups: Materiality and shaping multicultural research encounters (2020) Qualitative Research, early online view

Micro aggressions and connections in the context of national multiculturalism: Everyday geographies of racialisation and resistance in contemporary Scotland (2020) Antipode 52(5): 1393-1411

Encountering each other in Glasgow: Spaces of intersecting lives in contemporary Scotland (2019) Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, 112(2): 150-163

Living with difference in hyper-diverse areas: How important are encounters in semi-formal spaces? (2017) Social & Cultural Geography 18(8): 1067-1085

Public-facing essays

Gerechtere Stadt durch Bibliotheken: Zur Bedeutung dritter Orte für die Stadtkultur (2021) Zeitung Politik & Kultur

Die Stadt als Wohnzimmer (2021) Forum Bibliothek und Information No. 73-01

Shared reading in der Coronazeit: Warum es gerade jetzt wichtig ist, gemeinsam zu lesen (2020) Deutschlandfunk Kultur - Politisches Feuilleton

The 'accidental' and the 'failed': turning silent/ced moments in the field into data (2020) with Nora Küttel, Feministische GeoRundmail No.83

Bibliotheken und Corona: Zerbrechliche Orte des öffentlichen Raums (2020) Deutschlandfunk Kultur - Politisches Feuilleton

Re-building a nation (2017) Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network Blog

Why context counts: Exploring the links between everyday encounters, social cohesion and spatiality (2016) Partage Student Journal

Leven met diversiteit (Living with diversity) (2015) AGORA Magazine (in Dutch)

Selected presentations

Public libraries and the right to the city, 2020 Online Conference AK Stadtzukünfte

(Un)Planned: Accidental moments in ethnographic research, 2020 Annual Conference AK Qualitative Methoden für Geographie und raumsensible Sozial- und Kulturforschung, Goslar, Germany

Other formats: Comics and Zines, 2020 Annual Conference Neue Kulturgeographien, Bonn, Germany


Hopeful futures? Exploring geographies of multicultural encounter in Glasgow, Scotland, 2019 Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS), London, UK

Hope and spaces of multicultural encounter in contemporary Scotland, 2019 Political Emotions Conference, Adelaide, Australia

Intersecting lives/spaces: Multicultural living in Glasgow, 2018 RGS Annual Conference, Cardiff, UK

Knitting together: The materialities of encounters with/across difference, 2017 RGS Annual Conference, London, UK

Encounters with/across difference and what it means to be ‘Scottish’, 2017 Refugee Festival Scotland, Glasgow, UK

The daily glue in a multicultural neighbourhood: Spaces of encounter and stimulating social cohesion, 2015 Annual Conference of the European Network for Housing Research, Lisbon, Portugal

Other activities


Worlds of Contradiction Research Network

Arbeitskreis Qualitative Methoden für Geographie und raumsensible Sozial- und Kulturforschung

Arbeitskreis Feministische Geographien

Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet)

Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group (GFGRG)

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