Ongoing Research Projects

Economy and Resource

  • " Determinants of cluster evolution" (research of Prof. Dr. Ivo Mossig)
  • "Labour Market Dynamics and Regional Development" (Doctoral dissertation by Florian Smets , Prof. Dr. Ivo Mossig)
  • "Dynamics of intergovernmental interdependence " (research project of Prof. Dr. Ivo Mossig)
  • "Structural change through innovation in European coastal regions using the example of offshore wind power " (research project of Prof. Dr. Ivo Mossig in preparation with Dr. Jochen Tholen)
  • "The city’s infrastructures" (conference and publication project of Prof. Dr. Julia Lossau and Dr. Anna -Lisa Müller in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Michael Flitner and Dr. Roland Lippuner, artec)
  • “People fellow needs” – a multimethod approach to declare the motives of internal migration highly qualified employees (habilitation project Andreas Müller)

Culture and identities

  • “The Uses of Art in Public Space” (Routledge, in cooperation with Quentin Stevens)
  • “Social-spatial belonging of international transmigrants (research project Anna-Lisa Müller)
  • “Architecture & Society. The relevance of materialism for social life ” (publication and research project Anna-Lisa Müller)

Communication and knowledge

  • “The transformation of the former airport Tempelhof into a future lab for the urban live” (research project Julia Lossau)
  • “Implementation of Bremen’s guiding principles of urban development” (commenting on behalf of the senator for the environment, construction, transport of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, Ivo Mossig)
  • “Virtual Urban Walk 3D” – development of an instrument for action related analysis of subjective experience of space by means of 3D video (research project of Andreas Müller and Anna-Lisa Müller)