Completed Research Projects

Economy and Resources

  • Locations and production systems of the culture and creative industries ( Main research Prof. Dr. Ivo Mossig)
  • Processes of renewal and spatial development disparities due to structural fractoring (PhD project Heike Schröder, Ivo Mossig)

Culture and identities

  • “Space in Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts: Language, Literature, and the Construction of Place and Diaspora” (conference project by Julia Lossau in cooperation with Sabine Broeck, Norbert Schaffeld, Thomas Stolz, Ingo H. Warnke, University of Bremen)
  • Postcolonial perspectives in German-speaking Social and Cultural Sciences (conference project by Julia Lossau together with Claudia Bruns and Ina Kerner, HU Berlin)
  • Geography and cultural turn. The production of spatial reality in urban context based on the example of art in public space (Main research Julia Lossau)
  • Live and study: Student`s perspectives on their study and their location to study (Study project by Ivo Mossig)
  • Researching Architecture and Society. What can a Sociology of Architecture learn from Science and Technology Studies? (conference project by Anna-Lisa Müller together with Werner Reichmann, University of Konstanz)
  • The concept of creativity in urban planning: between planning paradigm and urban reality

Communication and knowledge

  • Different understanding of nature and its influence on the handling of urban potential skills through the example of interim uses (PhD project Katharina Winter, Julia Lossau)
  • “Shopping-Malls and Business Improvement Districts as an instrument of urban development” (the empirical study on the example of the two cities Bremen and Gießen, Ivo Mossig)