Climate Lab


The Climate Lab attempts to better understand the dynamics of climate, with a particular interest in the interplay between human action and climate. The central focus of our research rests on the world’s glaciers. Glacier melt is largely an effect of the climate change caused by humans, and it greatly impacts large parts of humanity through sea-level rise and changed seasonalities in water availability.

Our methodological focus is on numerical modelling. In its application, we deal with the atmospheric circulation in the glaciated areas, with the exchange of matter and energy between the atmosphere, glaciers and the hydrosphere, and with the dynamic behaviour of glacial ice. Because our work is closely linked to projects in human geography we are able to identify vulnerabilities and future potential for conflict, e.g. in the distribution of water.

Weather station

The group runs an automatic weather station located on the sports grounds of the university. The collected data is published on our webseite.