Neuerscheinung: "Architecture, Materiality and Society"

Müller, Anna-Lisa und Werner Reichmann, Hg. 2015. Architecture, Materiality and Society. Connecting Sociology of Architecture with Science and Technology Studies. Basingstoke, New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Aus der Verlagsankündigung:

This collection focuses on the interrelation of architecture and society. It examines the extent to which the insights of science and technology studies can be used to analyse the role of architecture in and for social life. The book's case studies deal with various aspects of social life: ethics, neighbourhood life, aging, perceptions and interpretations of the built environment, participation in design processes, interaction with and the adaptation of architecture.

Architecture, Materiality and Society examines the question of whether architecture – and thus materiality as a whole – has agency. The book concludes with a thorough analysis of studies carried out so far on the interdependence of architecture and society, both from the field of science and technology studies and urban studies. Finally, it proposes a theoretical and methodological approach on how to research architecture's agency within society.